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Less Is More...
13 November 2018

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The Equivalent ...
13 June 2018

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28 January 2018

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A Foreshadowing...
11 March 2017

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Where Am I Going...
10 September 2016

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2 July 2016

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Midnight Cowboy...
29 November 2014

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Shadows Of Light...
1 March 2014

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21 August 2013

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3 September 2012

Recent Comments

Elsaxelle on u
BRAVO ! Happy New Year.

Steve Rice on u
A stunning portrait.

Dimitrios on u

beach on u
Strong portrait

Roland Theys on The Balance...
Excellente photo!

Existence Artistique on u

Ralf Kesper on u
Good and strong portrait in profile.

Tomix on The Balance...
Superb !

Lotta Fridström on The Balance...
Cool, beautiful and creative.

Elsaxelle on The Balance...
Renversant !

Steve Rice on The Balance...
What a lovely balance you've achieved here.

Existence Artistique on The Balance...

Ana Lúcia on The Balance...
Super creative.

Ralf Kesper on The Balance...
Well captured reflection.

Ralf Kesper on The Mirror...
Good framed skyline shot.

Existence Artistique on The Mirror...
bien vu

Steve Rice on The Mirror...
It's unfortunate that so many people, especially our leaders, seem to have never read any of the wise words here. ...

Tomix on Richie Rich!
Great portrait ! he's happy.

Steve Rice on Richie Rich!
Super cute!

Existence Artistique on Richie Rich!
bien vu

Steve Rice on Men Without Women 11...
Friends hoping to meet women.

Existence Artistique on Men Without Women 11...
belle complicité

Tomix on Interiors 3...
Beautiful !

Steve Rice on Interiors 3...
Beautiful patterns and textures.

omid on Interiors 3...
Lovely details.

Existence Artistique on Interiors 3...
bien vu

Ralf Kesper on Interiors 3...
Nice handkerchief artworks.

Steve Rice on untitled
Amazing image of the eggs and light.

Existence Artistique on untitled
belle ombre

omid on untitled
such beautiful lights & shadows! Amazing.

Ana Lúcia on untitled

Existence Artistique on untitled
bien ces ombres

Lougris on untitled
Beau travail !!!

Ana Lúcia on untitled
Wonderful abstract.

Ralf Kesper on untitled
Well made still life. Fine presentation in light.

Steve Rice on Beauty In Isolation...
A lovely seascape.

Existence Artistique on Beauty In Isolation...

Ralf Kesper on Beauty In Isolation...
Well composed image.

Tomix on u
A beauty !

Steve Rice on u
An excellent portrait.

omid on u

Existence Artistique on u
bien les yeux

Nandan on The Smile...
interesting colors and framing

Steve Rice on u
A beautiful rural scene. So lush.

Existence Artistique on u

Steve Rice on untitled
A timeless image.

véronique cherpantier on untitled
tres belle scène, love it

Roléro-T on untitled
Really nice photo!

Existence Artistique on untitled

Ralf Kesper on untitled
Very nice docu!

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